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Catering designhas some special features. More or less it’s caused by the need to comply with strict sanitary regulations, governing food handling. So, in the kitchen, you need to allocate individual shops (refrigeration, meat processing ...), inside which to equip special areas (blanks, cooking, distribution, storage). Ventilation, heating, water supply should be designed in a specific proper way.

The most convenient way is to create kitchens and food combines in newly constructed buildings that are designed for specific purposes. However, a competent SHYNDAU LLP designer shall cope with reconstruction as well.

Catering establishment design is determined by its assortment: the size of the required space, the number of personnel, the level of the establishment, the quantity of dishes, the system of its storage and washing depend on the set of dishes and products. The appearance of the venue, the arrangement of ventilation, lighting and interiors also depends on the establishment level.

Design process is one of the main work steps with the Customer. SHYNDAU LLP Company shall offer its Customers the following range of services on design:

  • A visit of specialist for assessment of building/room constructive capabilities and measurements;
  • Preparation of technical assignment for design;
  • Selection of professional equipment and its arrangement;
  • Preparation of drawings in electronic format, development of space-planning decisions/solutions;
  • Equipment specification preparation specifying process characteristics;
  • Provision of installation plans for connection points of utilities (water and sewage systems, electricity , ventilation umbrellas);
  • Calculation s on refrigerators, selection of units.

Our specialists have extensive experience in successful design of cafes, caterings and restaurants and other catering facilities. Trade and technological equipment developed by famous European brands and Russian manufacturers are used in our designs. Designs are developed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

In case the Customer has difficulties with formulation of technical assignment for design, we support you in its development.

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