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Gas stationsre a specific commercial and transportation infrastructure. They work in special conditions, so the design of gas stations is governed by special requirements.

Two main features:

  • being close to highways;
  • work with explosive and flammable substances.

The design and construction of gas filling stationscan take into account different configurations. In addition to equipment, there are a number of household buildings for employees and customers.

The complex includes:

  • mini-market;
  • bathrooms;
  • parking;
  • mini-cafe.

Sometimes a car wash and even rest rooms are added to this list.

For the construction of a gas station requires thorough pre-project preparation and comprehensive engineering surveys.

The estimate for the construction of gas stations should include a detailed survey of the "platform". Very much depends on the site on which it is planned to build a gas station. The research complex includes:

  • study of geology at the site;
  • measurements of the terrain and drawing up a topographic plan.

Only on the basis of topographic data can one assess the correctness of the project and the possibility of its implementation. A visual inspection will not give such information.

Geodetic studies are especially important if construction takes place within the city limits.

SHYNDAU LLP will offer you a full range of design and survey work on this issue.

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