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Natural gas, as a highly efficient energy carrier is widely used today in many sectors of social production, has a direct impact on increase in industrial and agricultural output, the growth of labor productivity and reduction of specific fuel consumption.

An important stage in the gasification of any commercial or production facility of any scale is the professional design of gas pipelines. From the quality and clarity of each item of the developed project depends uninterrupted operation of the object and the safety of its operation.

Design work during the gasification of an object is a complex process, the fulfillment of which requires strict adherence to several basic steps:

  • Evaluation of the gasification facility and identification of factors affecting the specifics of the project;
  • Documentation of permits for connection of a new facility to the network or development / approval of specifications for changing the gas supply scheme;
  • Development and coordination with the customer of all stages of the technical specification (requirements for equipment and the specifics of its operation);
  • Selection and coordination of the route route;
  • Designing gas pipelines, taking into account the conditions agreed with the customer and the owners of utilities and the preparation of a paper version of sets of project documentation;
  • Approval of final design in all instances (supervisory authorities) that issue necessary permits;
  • State appraisal or obtaining expert opinions in the field of industrial safety (if necessary).
  • For a full assessment of the gasification facility and the development of clear project documentation, basic / additional input data, documents and materials are required:
  • Baseline data for project preparation;
  • Decision on approval of the route of the pipeline;
  • Data on conducted geological surveys;
  • Surveying the facility (M 1: 500);
  • Situational plan and geo-baseline of the section through which the pipeline passes;
  • TU at the intersection of the projected gas pipeline main pipelines, roads and railways;
  • Plan of the building / structure with open communications and gas-consuming equipment.
  • The design process takes into account many factors that influence the subsequent safe operation of the pipeline:
  • Specificity of the soil and the depth of groundwater;
  • Estimated amount of gas to be used for a certain period;
  • Предполагаемый объем газа, который будет использоваться за определенный период;
  • Pipeline layout options;
  • Type of gas-powered equipment.

SHYNDAU LLP Company is capable to perform the entire scope of design work on gas pipelines at a high level.

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