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One of the main activities of SHYNDAU LLP company is the design of factories and other industrial facilities. The specifics of the design of plants requires that project organization has a solid experience in designing such objects. Our design bureau has designed a huge number of factory premises and racks. Our company currently occupies a leading position in the market for designing plants and other structures with large volumes of design.

Every year the need for designing new plants and redesigning existing ones for new technological processes is steadily increasing, and therefore our company is constantly increasing production capacity and expanding the list of design services. The following sections of the documentation are currently available for design:

  • Development of SS
  • Development of RCS
  • Development of QOL
Other packages

When designing the plant, it is necessary to take into account an extremely large amount of the proposed work. With such volumes of the project there is a need to use the most modern design methods and technologies. Our design office has modern design experience in the software package - Revit Structures.

This software package allows several engineers working simultaneously on the same task using a multi-user design mode. Multi-user models can significantly reduce the design time of the final plant. This software package allows you to issue all statements and reports in automatic mode, which allows you to avoid accidental errors due to the human factor.

In a sense, the design of enterprises – factories, workshops and other production facilitiesis the highest aerobatics of industrial design, which verifies the skill level of designers and architects. After all, in the finished project of an industrial facility, it is necessary to take into account the norms of labor protection and safety of workers, and features of the technological process, and requirements for profitability of production.

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