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City designis an independent section of town planning.

City design process is designated to solve space-planning and constructive tasks, taking into account the natural and urban conditions. It takes into account regional social and national characteristics of urban space, which begins with the placement of houses, monuments of historical culture, inscribed in modern infrastructure.

City design connects several areas of construction. First of all, the potential of the territory in which it is planned to place a trade, commercial, medical, production or industrial building. Construction concept takes into account a combination of architectural and structural solutions included into city design. For example, dimensions and parameters of production and industrial enterprises depend on functional purpose of production and characteristics of technological processes that are carried out inside.

Trade and commercial buildings are perceived more and more as multifunctional construction facilities, so their design starts with search for optimal space-planning solutions that are convenient for city residents. Medical institutions, public catering and social sphere - an integral part of urban planning, fully functioning and developing in conjunction with the socio-economic and natural conditions. Therefore, their design is tied to local conditions of social environment wherein the people live.

SHYNDAU LLP Company» is capable to place such a large-scale task on its shoulders as modern city design and its utilities.

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