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Shyndau LLPperforms design and engineering activities in Atyrau. Design / Engineering Works are an early project stage, competent and qualified construction of buildings, their reconstruction; an insurance of compliance with technical, process and legislative requirements. Engineering comprises all thoroughly developed technical details on design and external components. You may clarify the pricing for Design Works in Atyrau, on our official website. Any building or house to be constructed in accordance with Design. When design is missing, such a construction is not deemed to be legal.

The idea on obtaining of a durable, comfortable accommodation, preventing noise immission and prying eyes is possible to convert applying to the designing. Design identity shall emphasize the Client’s status and his taste preferences. “My house is my fortress” is possible to create in case of accordingly designed communication systems (water supply and heating systems) and use of durable materials for construction. Design Work Pricing in Atyrau shall depend on several factors. As for capital construction, the activities on communication line’s reconstruction shall be covered besides main activities prescribed by design. It’s difficult to find a single-discipline specialist, e.g., for road traffic planning design, traffic lights objects. In case you are interested in environmental, scheme or working design, or in surveying and geological services in Atyrau, please contact "Shyndau LLP".

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