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«Shyndau» LLP Design Institute in Atyrauis one of the best design companies in the country. “Shyndau” LLP delivers their services on Kazakhstan territory. Our team is represented by team of professionals, joined by general purpose and idea of creation, performing complete package of design works.

Our employees contribute their experience into each developed design for Project implementation of any complexity. Our services shall include:

  • Preliminary design works - Land Allocation Certificate
  • Topographical Survey, Geotechnical Survey
  • Design Works - Design and Estimate Documentation Development;
  • Soil Investigation and Surveying Works - Disturbed and undisturbed soil structure sampling (block samples, samples);
  • Ground test;
  • Soil-Water Extract;
  • Water Chemical Testing;
  • Land-Surveying;
  • Surveying Monitoring Investigations
  • Location Survey;
  • Topographical Survey; Underground and Overhead Lines Surveying;
  • Measuring Works;
  • Façade Surveying;
  • Landscape Surveying.

In case you are interested in design woks, please contact “Shyndau” LLP Design Institute.

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