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Ventilation and air conditioning system design development involves significant amount of work, since it will be necessary to create a wiring for a cooling installation. Based on the equipment (split system, ducted air conditioning or central air conditioning), the scale of the project itself will differ. Split system is a separate operating structure that has no connection with ventilation, therefore, with the flow of clean air. Although the air circulates without adding additional air.

Consequently, ventilation and air conditioning design will require minimal costs. If an integrated system is to be installed, the focus is on equipment performance to be done. The air conditioning system design through installation of central highway is carried out before building duct construction is taken into account, and possibility of distributing the channels is taken into account to ensure that each room can adjust the parameters of the air environment.

To develop an effective air conditioning system, contact the SHYNDAU LLP professionals and our engineers will find the best solution.

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