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"Shyndau "LLP Design and Survey Company offers Surveying Services in Atyrau. Surveying works are the complex of activities, including measuring, calculation and development of construction facility in drawings and reality that enables accurate mapping and allocation of buildings and facilities as well as to carry out activities in accordance with their designed dimensions and requirements to regulatory documents.

Not depending on the scope of construction, whether it’s an apartment building or enterprise, the meaning of surveying works has a significant role. During surveying works performance over construction facility, the whole range of complex services are carried out for the Client. Such services allow site allocation, facilities’ allocation in accordance with the design and compliance with all requirements of GOST standards. Surveying works in Atyrau are carried out in a stepwise matter and include the following:

  • Detailed Project analysis, revealing deficiencies;
  • Documentation control;
  • Surveying network creation;
  • Construction facility axis registration;
  • Geometrical data control;
  • Drawings’ development.

Be sure, you will obtain qualified results, optimum solutions to problems and full compliance with regulatory documents, cooperating with “Shyndau” LLP Company.

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