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Shyndau LLP Design Institute develops final designs for foreign companies in Atyrau.. What is a final design? It is a final and informative solution that is a set of documents required for construction activities over the territory performed by Contractor. Such design contains three main parts:

  1. Approval part..
    Characteristics and basic process data over facility are specified inhere. Dimensional sizes of such a design in Atyrau are clarified and negotiated for compliance with state regulations in order to get on well with civil code in state supervision authorities.
  2. Architectural design.
    It is a clarified type of planning concept over constructed facility. It’s worth of taking into consideration that design solution is not out of step amongst neighboring facilities, and agreed with architectural and civil agencies.
  3. Working documentation.
    It is drawings assigned for construction activities progress performance. It includes: explanatory note, master plan, architectural and civil drawings, process part, engineering part, construction arrangement part.

Please contact Shyndau LLP Company in case you need to develop a final design in Atyrau.

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