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Restaurants and cafes are not related just to public catering as people come here to have a ret and communicate, spend their free-time. Proper interior arrangement (in the living room and kitchen), inbound logistics, venue concept selection to be foreseen during design stage and dependent on its quality. Besides this, expensive equipment for professional use will be effectively activated only in a properly designed kitchen. Whether you are going to invest into opening a small café for 50 seats or wide restaurant – you won’t be able to deal with it without available design.

The following solutions are developed for this aim:

  • Process plan;
  • Engineering design;
  • Preliminary (architectural) design;
  • Design concept (interior design).

It’s not always necessary to develop separate designs as some of them can be the parts of the others. For example, space-planning, interior and exterior solution are often included into prelimnary (architectural) design; or power supply, air-conditioning, water-supply systems become parts or atachments to process design. But anyway, the above-mentioned content part should be present in the complex design of public catering point that shall go from a scheme / sketch design to a manual for builders, installers and designers (after approval by Customer and coordination with relevant authorities).

Our Company offers a full range of services on development of design concepts oriented to your wishes.

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