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Water supply system is one of the most important engineering systems of any locality or production facility.

Water supply networks supply standard quality water from the water intake and sewage treatment plants to the consumer.

An urgent task of designing modern water supply networks is not only supplying water of a given quality in the required amount, but building an effective system for operating and monitoring the current state of networks that would allow not only responding quickly to emergency situations but also predicting and preventing them. Due to hydraulic modeling of the entire water supply system with all its components and structures, taking into account the minimum and peak loads on the system,SHYNDAU LLP specialists are able to design a rational Hydraulic system and an efficient dispatching and monitoring network, as well as set control points for switching cameras and other engineering structures.

If you need design for water supply network construction or reconstruction, we are ready to offer you rational technical and constructive solutions that will comply with current standards and regulations, as well as provide the specified technical and economic.

We carry out a full range of work from the collection of baseline data (engineering network surveys), approvals and expertise, to field supervision and commissioning.

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