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Shyndau LLP Design and Survey Company offers Surveying Services in Atyrau. Surveying worksare integral part of architecture and engineering design as well as their performance is required in other fields. Surveying services start playing significant role in early stage of design works as without survey mapping shall not be possible to install the building correctly as well as to conduct utilities and their further design.

Surveying works are performed by individual Design and Survey Company focusing on such type of services and developing steps based on which all surveying activities as well as budget allocation will be carried out. Surveying works are carried out on mapped territory the Client specified in Technical Assignment. All surveying work is based on civil codes and regulations settled by the Government, therefore all documentation and maps are considered as official document.

The following equipment is required for surveying services in Atyrau:

  • Theodolite;
  • Batter level;
  • Electronic tachometer;
  • Laser-based plotting device;
  • Laser scanner;
  • GPS receiving set;
  • PZL.

Theodolites and batter levels are currently replaced by electronic tachometers as they are more comfortable in use, efficient and mobile. Moreover, such equipment is widely produced by many manufacturers all over the world. “Shyndau” LLP Design and Survey Company possess its in-house equipment, devices and software, enabling reliable and qualified performance.

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