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The construction of any building, regardless of its purpose: a residential complex, industrial or administrative begins with the design. One of the important design stages is systems and communications’ arrangement. No building can be represented without such elements of construction as installation of heating, sewage systems, ventilation and water supply. Therefore, it is very important to properly plan the piping system both inside the building and trunk.

During pipelines’ design and installation it’s recommended take into account the wall thickness of parts and pipes. Ensure to calculate the maximum permissible load, as well as the maximum operating pressure of the pipeline.

Summing up, we can say that pipeline systems designs starts with selection of pipes with necessary characteristics that should provide required reliability onto pipeline inside the structure. If the pipeline is designed for pumping chemicals, then you need to pick up pipes with high corrosion resistance, for pumping oil and gas of large diameter, and for supplying water it is better to use thick-walled, which have high strength.

Impossible without regard to environmental issues.

Administrative buildings, residential buildings and public institutions can not do without communications. Pipeline system constructionis a process that begins with the preparation of a project. Pipeline design - comprehensive measures, including the study of geographical and geological information about the place where the pipes are laid. Basing of the pipeline, the material used and the characteristics of the soil directly affect the scope of work associated with the project.

Only qualified specialists with great experience, such as SHYNDAU LLP, employees can competently carry out the design and installation of pipelines of varying complexity in compliance with all technical requirements. They will correctly select the pipes of the desired characteristics that will ensure the durability, safety and efficiency of the line.

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