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Power supply design is the first step to high-quality electrical installation work to create reliable electrical installations and their safe operation. Our Company specialists competently and within some time shall develop design documentation on power supply and lighting of objects of any complexity category (residential building, cottage, apartment, building, and industrial enterprise) in accordance with the regulatory documents in force in Kazakhstan. The design of power supply should proceed with the following documents:

  • TA (Technical Assignment) for design;
  • TS (Technical Specifications) for connection of power supply capacity;
  • Layout plan (design project) of lighting devices with an indication of their type, power, voltage of the supply network; the layout of electrical equipment and household appliances, their characteristics;
  • Architectural and construction drawings of the object with explication of the premises;
  • Tasks from adjacent project departments to connect such engineering systems as ventilation and air conditioning, heating, water and gas supply, fire-fighting systems, as well as low-current equipment;
  • Specification and layout of the process equipment with indication of the corresponding power, voltage, number of phases of the supply network, rated and starting current and special connection requirements.

Power supply, as a rule, includes:

  • explanatory note with the calculation of electrical loads;
  • statement of drawings and reference documents;
  • plans for supply, distribution and outlet networks with the location of electrical equipment;
  • single-line shields;
  • specification of equipment and materials.

We draw your attention to the fact that our Company specialists can solve the problem of power supply of the object in the complex: from the project of electricians and its coordination in the relevant authorities to electrical work and commissioning of the object.

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