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Heating system designis a complex and responsible business requiring professional knowledge and skills. In the course of the design, a whole complex of tasks is solved taking into account the operational characteristics of the object, its heat losses and the climatic conditions of the area.

The degree of heating system design complexity depends on number of floors of the building, as well as on the connection of additional objects, such as a garage, a greenhouse, a swimming pool, etc.

Heating system is one of the most complex engineering systems of any structure.

During design stage the specialist performs certain calculations, with the help of which the characteristics of the created system are selected. During the calculations, the designer takes into account a large number of indicators, for example, the area of ​​the object, the level of heat loss, the climatic conditions in the region, etc.

Proper design of heating systems is the key to their safety. Since the water in the heating system has a high temperature and is under constant pressure, a poor-quality project or improper installation can lead to serious problems. During the creation of the project, the specialist necessarily takes into account the relevant building codes and regulations that are adopted in Kazakhstan.

Appeal to the specialists of our project department will help you get detailed recommendations on all related issues that may arise from you. SHYNDAU LLP employees will need to provide a set of basic information about the object, after which we will be able to carry out preliminary calculations and make a preliminary commercial offer.

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