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Land plot certificate is a type of identification document under Article 12 of the RoK Land Code. The document contains identifying plot characteristics required for land, law and architectural registers handling. The following below can be referred to such documents*:

  • Private Ownership Land Use Act;
  • Permanent Land Use Act;
  • Temporary fee-based (long-term, short-term) Land Use Act (lease);
  • Temporary pro-bono Land Use Act.

*see details on registration of rights for real estate.

What components shall Land Use Act include?
  • Plot cadastral number.
  • Plot plan: its allocation and dimensions. /li>
  • Right identification defining plot’s ownership basis (property, lease, permanent land use).
  • Land plot designation.
  • Land plot area indication.
  • Plot encumbrance and use restriction.
  • Plot divisibility and indivisibility input.
How to get the Land Act?

Our Company shall support you in obtaining the rights for the land passing all regulatory agencies.

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