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  • Design and Estimate Documentation Development;
  • Architectural Design over II & III Level Buildings and Facilities;
  • Structural Engineering and Design Engineering;
  • Utility System and Network Engineering;
  • Design Appraisal, support within regulatory assessment approval;
  • Obtaining a permit for construction as well as preparation for construction activities including Method Statement development;
  • Construction Engineering Support;
  • As-built Documentation Engineering Appraisal received from Contractor on construction facility;
  • On-site Design Author Supervision (Supervision Services are rendered until designed facility is taken-over and commissioned to monitor all workflow processes performance as well as to escalate the charges of Design Institutes and Construction & Installation Contractors and Customers ensuring the works performed with a high quality);
  • Defining Certificate and Passports missing required for materials, goods, structures and tools use in civil activities, their conformity with state regulations and technical specifications.
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