Work projects in Atyrau

Рабочие проекты в Атырау

Design and survey LLP Shyndau develops projects for companies operating in Atyrau. Well it represents a work project? This is an informative and the final decision, which is a set of documents required for the development of the territory by the contractor. The project is divided into three components:

1. Approves the part. It calculated the characteristics and main technical parameters of the object. Clarifies the proportionality of the project in Atyrau with state standards, to meet the standards of construction in the organs of state supervision.

2. Architectural design. Is a refined version of the planning decision is building the object. It is worth considering the fact that the design solution should not stand out from a number of surrounding buildings and agreed with the authorities of Architecture and Urban Planning.

3 Working documentation. It is a drawing intended for the process of construction works. It includes: an explanatory note, the master plan, architectural and construction drawings, technology section, engineering section, the section of construction organization. If you need to develop a work project in Atyrau, the contact "Shyndau."

About company

Design Companies LLP "SHYNDAU" was established in October 2006 and successfully provides services in the design and survey works for construction on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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