Geological works in Atyrau

Геологические работы в Атырау

   Geological work in Atyrau offers design company "Shyndau." Geotechnical investigations - a dual study of the properties of land intended for construction. Information obtained in the course of geological work is the foundation for the development of project documentation. Geological surveys allow us to prove the admissibility of construction works on this territory during the design process. If you need to assess the economic rationality of the construction in the designated area, the geological surveys are mandatory pre-training stage.    

   In the course of geological surveys defined features, the composition of the soil and the hydrological regime of the territory of the future development. Based on these data, a tectonic and seismological characteristics of the territory, as well as the probability of a change in the course of geomorphological, hydrological and other processes due to the impact of the constructed object. Comprehensive study of the area for future development is crucial in the planning and development carried out at the stage of pre-training. If you are interested in conducting geological work in Atyrau, please contact the Company "Shyndau."

About company

Design Companies LLP "SHYNDAU" was established in October 2006 and successfully provides services in the design and survey works for construction on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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