Surveying services and works in Atyrau

Геодезические услуги в Атырау

   Surveying services and works in Atyrau offers design and survey company "Shyndau." Geodetic works - is an inseparable part not only of architecture and design, performance, and they must be other areas. In fact the construction surveying services become the main stage at the beginning of the design work, because without surveying the building is not properly set out, not to mention the conduct of communications engineering and subsequent design.    

   Execution of geodetic works conducts a separate survey design company specializing in the variety of services and work through the steps, which will be developed topographic surveys, as well as budget allocation. Geodetic works carried out on the marked area, which is specified by the customer in the specifications. All work is based on surveying established by the state building regulations and standards, so all the documentation and maps are considered an official document.    

   For geodetic services in Atyrau need the following equipment:

- Teodelit

- Level

- Electronic tachometer

- Laser Builder

- Laser Scanner

- GPS receiver

- PEP    

   Recently, theodolites and levels began to replace the electronic tachometer, as they are convenient, efficient and mobile, besides the equipment produces a lot of manufacturers worldwide. Design and survey company "Shyndau" has a resource own hardware and software that obespchivaet reliable and quality work.

About company

Design Companies LLP "SHYNDAU" was established in October 2006 and successfully provides services in the design and survey works for construction on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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