The act of choice land; Topographical and geotechnical investigations

Geological work:
Drilling of geotechnical boreholes; Sampling of soil disturbed and undisturbed (monolith samples); Laboratory testing of soil; Aqueous extracts of soils; Chem. water analysis

Surveying; Geodesic monitoring; Stake; Topographic survey (survey of underground and ground communications); Measuring work; Exterior shot; Landscape photography.

Design work:
Development of design and estimate documentation; The architectural design of buildings and structures II and III levels of responsibility; Construction design and construction; Engineering systems and networks; Examination of projects in support of the state examination; Obtaining a building permit for the construction and preparation of a compilation of CPD; Technological support of the construction process; Technical expertise of executive documentation of the construction contractor; Expert assessment of compliance of work performed by the approved project; Construction supervision (Supervision is carried out throughout the period of acceptance and operation of the proposed facility to ensure a clear sequence of work and increase the responsibility of design, construction and installation organizations and customers in order to ensure high quality of the works); Establishing the presence or absence of passports and certificates used in construction materials, products, designs and equipment and their compliance with state standards and technical conditions. 

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) of planned and existing businesses as part of pre-project and project documentation; Section "Environmental Protection" is required in a one step technical design; Draft standards for maximum permissible emissions (MPE) companies - the section of the design documentation justifying standards for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere of industrial plants and facilities; Conducting environmental advocacy.

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Design Companies LLP "SHYNDAU" was established in October 2006 and successfully provides services in the design and survey works for construction on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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